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Download GB Whatsapp 6.10 apk Latest Version

The GBWhatsapp 6.10 apk is the modified version of the present option which has been made comfortable according to the needs of people. A lot of restrictions present in the original version of the Whatsapp is not there in the GB Whatsapp 6.10. The mod version of the app is useful in numerous ways like you can have two accounts in the same mobile and you won’t have ban issues from the developers of original Whatsapp. You can hide your online status, blue ticks, double ticks and even typing status with this version. With some mod version, you can send blank messages even. The status limitation has been really a big issue for those people who wanted to express their thoughts without thinking of word limitation but with GB Whatsapp you can write up to 250 characters at a time. Another cool feature that you will not find in the original version of the Whatsapp and will find in this mod version of GBWhatsapp is that there is no limitation in number, while you are sending images and the limitation of sending video has been uplifted to 50 MB. Here are some of the cool features you will find in the GB Whatsapp 6.10 version which will tempt you to download gbwhatsapp app for your android.
The limitations have been lifted up in this version like you can send videos with size up to 50 MB.
You can set the group name with a maximum character of 35, which was not present before.
You can hide your status or make it visible accordingly
You can hide your typing status, last seen, double ticks or blue ticks.
You can broadcast your message to more than 500 people present in your contact.
The original version of Whatsapp supports only 140 characters while GBWhatsapp supports up to 250 characters.
You can change the theme easily and can communicate with others in more than 100 languages.
You can stay online throughout the day even if you are not using the app.
You can use this version of GBWhatsapp along with the original version of Whatsapp without any issues.
This version of GBwhatsaoo eradicates the limitation of sending 10 images at a click as you can send up to 100 images with this version of Whatsapp.
You can lock your app without using any third party software as it is pre built with GB Whatsapp 6.10.
The notification icon or application icon can be customised accordingly.
Details about the GBwhatsapp official android app version
Last Updated December 23rd, 2017
Android Version Requires 4.0+
Total Downloads 10,000,000+
App Size 37.7 MB
Developer GBMods Co
Features Dual Whatsapp, themes and much more

Kitty WhatsAp 2 v4.91 Full Kitty Edition Latest Version

 tick hello kitty 
 hello kitty icon 
 gb  based and edited for Your 
 To apply pink thema go home to more ajuste..2 patalla principal.2.2 chat..2.2.1 panels background panels 

download apk

 [NEW] Base updated to 2.16.259 
 adds style home 
 * Added more input styles 
 * Added a  style to choose from 40 fonts 
 * Returns changer languages 
 * Added new server issues fouad Mokdad 
 * Added more complete ticks (85) 
 * [Exclusive] ability to send the audio clip to 100 
 MB instead of 16 MB 
 * [Open] all hidden features (GIFs mentioned, 
 doodle, multicast etc. ) 
 * [] Option to change the background color to "invite 
 contacts screen (mod 2.4.10) 
 * [] Option to change color icon attached contact 
 on the main screen (mod 2.32.2) 
 * [FIXED] Error sending videos on some devices 
 * [FIXED] white screen to attach images in a 
 * Other arrangements Stability 
 * Anti Expired 
 * Unlocked share with fb 
 * Average mod limit: 1 GB 
 * All cards of economy title 
 * Added more options silent conversation 
 * Added multi task talks 
 * Added support more medical file pdf, txt, xls, 
 PPT, vcard,  adds, txt, rtf, docx, pptx, zip 
 * Added multi task talks 
 * Added support more medical file pdf, txt, xls, 
 PPT, vcard,  adds, txt, rtf, docx, pptx, zip 
 * Added anti lag codes 
 * Suspicious links and deposits removed memory 
 * Added animations prefs theme activities 
 * Download apk people with disabilities in the background 
 * Extended communication media legend 4k 
 * Full apk optimized for low  end devices 
 * Added new contact name in the center 
 * Added more complete ticks (60) 
 * Changed the lock design 
 * Size text entry added 
 * Added more input overall style (13) 
 * Added color ul call 
 * Optional attach to hide Talk button 



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